Bad signal and delayed received txt

why I’m having issues receiving calls and txt msg?
People say it sends them straight to Voicemail as if my phone is off.  And on my end I have no missed calls. If I ever get a call they say I’m breaking up. Also,  If I received a txt and when I reply back they tell me they txted me like 2 hours ago. All of this happen in the area code 89147 which other people I work with have metro and they get calls and txt even when in the elevator With no problem I’m like why? Then at my house I get only 2 bars area code 89129. I though Verizon was the dirt might think to go back to AT&T. I have Iphone 10.
Any input on this ? Thanks 

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Re: Bad signal and delayed received txt
Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry you are having bad signal and delayed texts. We never want to see you leave us. Let's review this together. When did these issues start? Does service improve outside at either location?  JoeL_VZW