Bait and Switch Verizon Scam
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I signed up under the winter holiday time add a line 2x1 Iphone 12 deal. My sister called customer service on speaker phone and the CSR confirmed multiple times that we were getting the BOGO 2x1 iphone 12 deal. When I called Verizon in the subsequent days to see where my phone was and when I got a defective phone, all CSRs verbally confirmed that I was on the 2x1 deal. Now my sister is going through heck fighting with them because they are claiming it was a buy one get one half off which we never heard of. Oh and good luck trying to find records of that advertised deal. We have filed complaints with the FTC and FCC and I encourage you to do so as well. Do we need to screen shot/save web pages referenced from verizon deals? Do we need to record phone calls with CSRs because verizon is so dishonest? And when I visited the Verizon store the employee there confirmed I was on that deal as well! Now all of the sudden it's gone?! That is disgusting corporate behavior. 



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