Best Buy messed up up my Verizon plan and Verizon won’t fix their end

I bought an Apple Watch thru Best Buy’s app which required me to change my contract thru you. When I went to pick it up somehow the watch was defective, and they were unable to check it out for the pick up, and cancelled the order since I wasn’t able to receive the watch. Now when I tried to tell Verizon this four times already, they say there is nothing they can do because I signed the contract and there is no refund number but there isn’t a refund number because the original transaction was never finalized. I am being charged for an activation fee for an item that was never activated, and I know I’m going to be charged a deactivation fee when y’all “fix” this. This seems so fundamentally wrong. I have gone in twice to Best Buy who say they can’t do anything because they cancelled the order and have talked directly with Verizon customer service to vouch the instance that I told them about and they told me they would fix it. I then asked them to make a note so that if it doesn’t get fixed at least the customer service will see that I’ve done all I can to fix this problem. I’m stuck between two giant corporations who won’t take the two seconds to fix this situation because nobody wants to take responsibility and I, the consumer, have to pay the price