Billing Credit Complaints

Here is an email that i have sent to Verizon executives along with call their call center 3 times. Worst experience ever and still no resolution!!!!!!!

I want to write to you this complaint about how horrible your customer service department is run and the complete lack of follow up and communication.  I have contacted your call center 3 times within the last 2 months about the promotional phone credit I am not receiving on one of my cell phones.  First, one of my complaint is the lack of support when you try to contact your call center.  The 3 times I call I was informed by your IVR (Internal Voice Response) that wait times was 30-40 minutes.  Well, each call I was on hold for over 1 hour before I was able to speak to anyone.  My last contact was on 12/2 with Jocel who informed me that she had to refer it to the promotional department, and they will correct the error and rebill my credits.  Yet, this still has not happened . With the initial wait time and conversation with her on the call, it was 1hour and 43 minutes.  Ridiculous and you still have not resolved my issue.

I have all the documentation from when I sent in my old cell phones, shipping receipts and notification from you company that they were received.  You have all the information to correct your error, but every time I call, I have to explain myself over again and your companies lack compassion and knowledge is frightening.  This seems to me to be the basic bait and switch where your promotion adds on TV tell one story “ send in your broken phone and receive a new iPhone 13 on us”  Well, you take the old phone and send out the new, but never apply the proper ongoing credits.  So, you tell me this is not a bait and switch.  If I must take your company to small claims court, I will.  I also will be forwarding and reaching out to our local news companies here in California (ABC, NBC, CBS, KTLA) to let everyone know what type of company you are.

I still have not heard back from anyone from Verizon to get a status update on my billing credits.  JUST A VERY POOR AND TERRIBLE EXPERINCE!!, that I will be sharing with anyone and everyone (media, social networks etc.) that will listen.

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