Billing Discrepancy and Customer Service Challenges with Verizon Account

My wife and I were initially part of my friend's plan, where I benefited from waived activation fees and other charges, paying only $27 per month due to a $5 promotion for bringing our own devices. Subsequently, I decided to create a new plan, transferring both of us and adding four new lines. Before proceeding, I contacted Verizon to confirm if the $27 monthly rate for my and my wife's lines would still apply after the transfer, and I received assurances from multiple representatives that it would. However, upon completing the transfer, I discovered that the rate had increased to $32, as I had lost the $5 promotion for bringing my own device and incurred additional charges such as activation fees.

Despite numerous calls to rectify the situation, assurances of corrections were given, only to have the system automatically revert to the higher charges.In each call, I emphasized the importance of reviewing the call history to verify that the situation was not due to any error on my part. This experience has left me with a less than satisfactory impression of Verizon's customer service.

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Customer Service Rep

We want to make sure all of your concerns are being addresed, and we'd be glad to take a look at any issues you're having with your Verizon account. To better assist you, I'll be sending a Private Note, please reply to it, so we can get started.