Billing Issue

I’m a new Verizon customer and I have been having major issues. First I upgraded my phone to an iPhone 13 mini and Verizon sent me 2 iPhone 13 minis and charged me for both. Also my trade in that they said would be worth $550 Verizon said they never received although I have an email from Verizon confirming they received it and a Ups tracking saying it was delivered. I’m paying roughly $200 a month and I call and each month they say well your bill is your bill and we can’t change it but we will fix it next month… 3 months in and not fixed. Finally I know Verizon is struggling lately and I know the customer service is lacking but overcharging customers and keeping there money isn’t right. I’ve exhausted all options and need help before I go and submit this to the attorney general’s office.

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Re: Billing Issue
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I know exactly how you feel.  They told me that my trade-in was worth $800.  I took the bait and discovered that it was only worth $400...even though I switched carriers from AT&T.  Now I have a device payment and I was never awarded the new customer promotion.  Soon, I too will be contacting the state attorney.  There is an ugly pattern going on here that is worth warning new customers.  Good luck.