Billing Issues

To whom this may concern. 

I've been having major billing issues. I have extra charges on my bill that has not been resolved. I traded in an old phone to a new iPhone 13 pro and ever since then Verizon Customer Service has messed up tremendously on my bill. I don't see my trade in device difference, and on top of that I'm seeing extra charges for services that I did not agree to.  I'm constantly calling VZ Customer Service and I'm always getting a different responses from different agents. I'm a Verizon employee at corporate and I've never thought I would have to deal with terrible customer service in my life. Who do I need to speak with to get my situation fixed immediately. 

Re: Billing Issues

I have also been dealing with the same issue.  It started off with not receiving two different phones I had ordered online and having to go back and cancel both contracts and redo them in order to receive the phones-weeks later.  And Berizon ing mentheybhad no idea why or how the order got cancelled bc there was non record.

Neither one of the new plan agreements have been followed, I didn’t receive the monthly bill credits, I was being charged for a 3rd phone that  was never on my account at all, I was being charged for two watches instead of one, and the promotion for the watch was never honored, and now they are saying that it was never eligible even though it was offered to me by a rep and the plan agreement was created by a rep over the phone etc. , now they won’t honor it and won’t fix the account and expecting me to pay full price.

I have random charges every month with no explanation. I have had to cancel certain insurance plans every month.  I have called fourndiffferent times, spent literally 1.5-2.5 hours each time, and was told each time it was fixed, but there was no actual document or a number they could provide  that i was getting credited for.

HOW DOES THIS SAME EXACT THING KEEP HAPPENING TO SO MANY PEOPLE??!!!  What is going on with Verizon that these mistakes can even happen at all? It makes no sense to me and is so disappointing.  I plan on researching the best way to claim fraudulent billing on my account bc this is almost criminal behavior in my opinion.  I don’t pay for any thing else that was not exactly what’s promised, so why should Verizon get different treatment?

I am just disgusted at this point and can’t believe I’ve wasted so much of my time and money dealing with this.