Billing error that cannot be fixed - uber frustrating!

I have talk to multiple agents who have promised to fix my problem, I ordered an Iphone 11 pro (certified pre owned) on May 12th of 2022 and along with a new line of service and a new number, I was able to purchase it for $0.00/month. The problem that can't be fixed is that I'm being charged $13.61 monthly for this phone. The agent(s) promises to credit the cost (which I always receive) and to fix the promo. Then next month rolls around and I am at square one again, and again, and again. These are not short phone calls 1 + hours each my last chat online was 2.5 hours - I honestly think the point of these long calls is so that I will go away! What the 2.5 hour chat ended with is that I need to call every month and reference our chat and "Hot Notes" and it will only take 10 - 15 minutes to get my $13.61 credit (and I have 30 months left) I told the agent that was a resolution I cannot live with! Is it wrong to expect a billing error to be fixed? Is it my responsibility to call for the next 30 months for my credit. There has to be an easier fix to the problem of the missing promo. Please, I am a loooong time customer this cannot be that hard to fix! Verizon please fix this.

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Re: Billing error that cannot be fixed - uber frustrating!
Customer Service Rep

Hello! Thanks for bringing this to our attention today. We will be sending you a Private Note shortly to investigate this further with you.*Bryan