Black Friday 2019 Rebate Scam

I purchased a new phone on Thanksgiving Day 2019 when Verizon was offering a $400 Mastercard rebate.

I get my new phone, and I had trouble activating it so I brought it to a nearby store to get some help. A store associate couldn't activate it either, he called someone in customer service and said the phone needs a new SIM card. So they replaced the SIM card, and while doing so they told me that I'm going to get a new phone number, a different one from the one that was originally assigned to this phone when I purchased it.

Then I started the rebate process, and I keep getting an "Invalid" status for it saying that my phone is inactive. I called Verizon multiple times to tell them that my phone is not inactive, it's just that the store changed my phone number because they couldn't activate my phone.

Every time I call they tell me they'll escalate the issue and just wait 30 days until further notice... and now it's almost the end of March. I see so many people's posts here saying how they're not receiving the promised $400 Mastercard. Is this how you do business now? Luring people into buying new phones/services with you by promising some kind of rebate/reward and not actually giving it? How many more times do I have to call you? How much longer do I have to wait? Are you trying to hold off on this until I just give up? Is this how you always do business?

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