Black Friday Rebate Denied

I purchased an iPhone 11 Pro in Portland, OR, last Thanksgiving because of Verizon's Black Friday rebate promotion. To receive the rebate, I exactly followed locate store staff's instruction, ported in my phone number, filed the request forms, and I was pretty sure that my purchase meets all requirements. However, Verizon rejected my request and said my purchase is not in the promotion period.

I tried to contact the customer services and rebate center thousands of times, but every time they asked me to contact the other department and kicked me around like a ball. The rebate center asked me to contact the customer service department, which in turn asked me to contact the local store and the rebate center and promised that the store or the rebate center would solve my problem. But when I called the store, the staff refused to help and savagely hung up on me, while the rebate center kicked me back again to the customer service line.

I think proper faith management, abide by the promise to the customer should be the most basic standard of an enterprise like Verizon. I purchased the phone and switched to Verizon's unlimited plan, which is much more expensive than my previous carrier, because I want to get the rebate. However, when I paid and did all the steps required by Verizon, Verizon refuses to honor the promotion in their advertisement and treated me like a fool, kept kicking me around between their departments. I have bought so many phones, and I have not encountered this before, and it is really disappointing.

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