Black Friday offers 11.27.21 for my account not showing up on sales agent site.

Trying to trade in and update 2 iphones(an 8 & 11) for iPhone13 and 13 Pro.  On my Verizon account webpage, there are 3 offers for those with existing lines:

-Offer 3 is for ipad deal which we are not interested in

- Offer 1 is trade in old and damaged phones to get trade in values of $100 for iPhone 8 and $440 for iPhone 11. 

-Offer 2 is to trade in existing phone, and have Unlimited plan.  When you click on details, it gives values of $650 for both the 8 and 11.  Our phones are in great condition, as verified by Verizon store agent. 

The issue is that neither the in-person store agent nor my online chat agent could see Offer 2 on my account they accessed and could only offer me the values of Offer 1.  Showed the offers to in person agent on my phone and sent screenshot to online agent, but they couldn't do anything.  They were as helpful as they could be, but neither could help me get answers about Offer 2 or even how to proceed...who to call.

Any ideas??

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