Blacklisted imei

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I purchased 2 iPhone 13 Pro Max phones through OfferUp last year, and they were later marked as stolen. When I bought the phones, I was unaware of this situation as I had returned to my home country where the phones were working fine. However, upon returning to the United States and inserting a SIM card, the phones didn't have a signal. Apple and other phone retailers informed me that the devices were marked as lost or stolen. I have documentation of the payments, messages, and even a photo of the seller. I can share all the details if needed. Please, can you help me with this issue? I'm in a difficult situation as I can't use my phones.

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Re: Blacklisted imei
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We're very sorry about the situation you find yourself in. Purchasing a lost phone that is later marked as lost/stolen isn't something I'd want anyone to go through. Unfortunately, we can't unlock a device or remove it from the lost/stolen list without speaking to the original owner of that device. We recommend trying to reach out to the seller so they can help you. We wish you luck with your device.