Bogus bundle accessories pack
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Today I purchased my first Verizon line and an IPhone 12 pro max phone. I was told apart from activation charges I need to buy case, screen protector, charging brick and data transfer service as well and they have a bundle for usd $250. To which I said no as I already have spare apple brick and don't want the cover and screen protector. Sales representative then told me it is required to buy it as they can't process my order without the accessories pack. Now I checked and could not find any such bundle mandatory, as well as charging brick is not original apple 30w brick. And they have charged $65 for screen protector, $45 for brick, $45 for clear case none of which I wanted. $20 for data transfer service which I didn't use as well.

I am feeling cheated by Verizon store in great mall Milpitas. Requesting you all to be beware of the store. Very disappointed by the service and lying representatives.