Bought 2 phones under promotion and never received the promotion

I purchased 2 iPhone 11 Pro max during Verizon's BOGO online only that ended September 29th, 2020. The promo involved adding a line or trading in a device which I was doing both. I was talking with their customer service via chat and they told me it was an online only promo and to receive the promo, I would have to go online and purchase the phones and add a line on there. After two weeks of never receiving the devices I contacted Verizon to see why I had not received the phones we ordered. They told me that I cancelled the order. I said that I did not and then they said that my credit card was declined. I called my credit card company and have documentation from them stating that Capital One did not decline it but Verizon did. The person said to call a certain number due to them not being able to help me. I called that number and the guy said well I see the order right here, let me try to just run it through again. I told him to promise me the bogo was on there and would still apply. He promised me that it did. He said it went through and I received one of the phones but not the other. When I called to ask about the other one, they said that it was on back order as it was the Green 11 pro max. I said the person in the store said there were two left there can I just go there and pick it up. They put everything in their computer system so I was able to go the next day and pick it up in store. By this point, I have talked to about 15 different people and are nearing about 50 hours of time. We thought we were set but our bill did not reflect the bogo. Calling to get it straightened out, I have been told that the bogo doesn't apply because the phones weren't purchased on the same day. When I assure them they were, they then tell me that they can not find any place where it states there was a promotion even thoughI have an email with my invoice showing exactly that. They still will do nothing 100 hours plus later and over 50 people having talked to. They also will not let me return now being to late.

Re: Bought 2 phones under promotion and never received the promotion
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We want to make sure that you take advantage of any promotion that you're eligible for. For a limited time, you could buy one iPhone and get a credit up to $700.00 off the second iPhone. One device has to be purchased on an added new line of service. Additionally, you must subscribe to a qualifying Unlimited Plan, as well. These transactions must be completed within a time frame allotted for the promotion. Did our customer service team submit a request to investigate your eligibility for this promotion?