Brand new iPhone won't activate
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I just bought a brand new iPhone 13 from Verizons website store... BRAND NEW...I tried activating it.. Didn't take out the Sim cards from either the old device or the new one. I followed all the directions... Then went on chat with Verizon... They ended up deactivating my current phone(the old one) and COULDN'T activate the new one because they said it was associated with fraud.  WHAT?! THIS IMEI NUMBER and the IMEI2 numbers and EVERYTHING else with a number hasn't seen the light of day before... At least that's how it should be but in order for those numbers to be flagged as fraudulent, that means I was sold a used phone and it was passed off as new!!!! There's NO denying it. I contacted the fraud department using the current old phone... The chat customer service online didn't tell me I could contact Verizon even without service....I just happened to try and it worked.   Now I was told at first the phone wasn’t on the fraudulent list and that they were going to connect me to customer service I threw a fit and said no flipping way because I am being told it’s on the fraudulent list and I’m going to be sent right back here so figure it out... and what do you know 20 minutes later she says I was on the list and she took me off quite honestly I think she was full of it and just pretended and she didn’t look through it because I’m still on the list for some reason. She told me my phone should be activated so I shut it off turn it back on and it’s not activated I called Verizon back I’m still on the list I’ve been on hold now for 30 minutes do you want to put me on hold for another 30 minutes to tell me what the problem is... because they can’t tell me what the problem is . Because they’re selling old phones and passing them off as brand new. And they figure the amount of people that have this problem isn’t enough to take them down.

so now I am on hold waiting to see if they can hook up my old phone so I can at least have service on that phone this is almost 4 hours of my life and Verizon is playing a very dirty game I have not been able to activate either of my phones now. I’ve never missed a payment and I’ve never done anything fraudulent. I have a feeling this phone was used very briefly and then re-packaged as brand new and I’m pretty sure Verizon will erase all his records showing that this phone was once owned by someone. I’m contacting all the major news outlets. Because THIS IS FRAUD!!!!! 

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Re: Brand new iPhone won't activate
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Hello there. Thank you for reaching out to us. Please, do us the kindness of sending us a Private Note, so we can help.