Buy IPhone 11 Pro for Christmas, don't need new line

I just want to order an IPhone 11 Pro now, save it in the box until Christmas, then turn off my old Samsung S6 on Verizon and activate the new IPhone on that old line.  Do I really have to purhase another line to do that now or wait until 30 days before Christmas?

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Re: Buy IPhone 11 Pro for Christmas, don't need new line
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If you have an existing device payment agreement balance on your line, you need to pay the remaining balance before ordering a phone for that line. 


Now if you are able to purchase the iPhone 11 pro at the full retail price in one lump sum now, sure you can purchase it and not activate it until Christmas.

You should also be aware the 14 day return policy period will be in effect if you purchase the phone now. The return policy period is usually extended for purchases starting around Thanksgiving with the extended period ending around January 14th. This extended holiday return period will will cover purchases made between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. 

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