Call Transcription for an Answered Call....?

I had a strange thing happen this morning.  My internet provider is coming today for a service call and I got an automated courtesy call @7:32am reminding me that they were going to be showing up.  All great.  I get off the call, and immediately get a notification that I have a new voicemail.  When I opened it up, the VM is a transcription of the reminder call that I just got from my internet provider...  So it seems that even though I answered the call, Verizon was listening in and still recorded and transcribed it...?  What the heck is up with that...?  I confirmed on my call log that I only received one call from the ISP this morning and it was at 7:32am.  Has anyone else had this happen to them...?  Seems as if Verizon does record calls, and maybe sometimes it gets confused and sends it as a voicemail, transcribed too boot...  Interesting....

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Re: Call Transcription for an Answered Call....?
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That can only happen if your internet provider's auto diaper actually called you twice in rapid concession- the first call rang your phone (which you answered) while the second call went directly to voicemail (since your phone was ringing) and left you the message.