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I’ve had my current phone number for at least 12 years and my name has never come up as my name and caller ID. Depending on who I call, everyone gets a different name that pops up on their caller ID. why? why can I not fix this? why does it not recognize my name after all these years?

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Great question, Blaneygirl1970! We'll be happy to help out. Verizon does not share any customer information when we send out calls to a recipient. If you have outgoing Caller ID service, we only send the number unless you are using our Share Name ID feature. This means that your outbound calls will show up as only your number. However, there are several things that can change this on the other end. First, if you are calling someone that has your number saved, they will see whatever they have saved for you on their display. Second, there are many companies that will have a name listed for an out of date number. This usually happens when you call a landline number, and that landline service provider had an old or incorrect listing for your number. That can cause your information to appear incorrectly. If you have a smartphone and you use certain third party caller ID apps, they may be providing an outbound caller ID as well, which can be wrong. We recently started offering a service I mentioned earlier called Share Name ID. This allows you to simply customize anything you want for your outbound caller ID, which should help to limit occurrences of incorrect information appearing on the other end. You can learn more about it here: Let us know if this information helps.