Callers can not hear me but I can hear them
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I received a phone through ascurion as my last iphone xs max was damaged.  The replaced one worked fine for a couple of weeks, but then all of the sudden the person on the other end of the call could not hear me at all.  No one can hear me on my phone, whether its a phone call or on facetime.  I can hear them perfectly well though.  I have tested all 3 microphones and they are working fine.  I made sure to install the latest ios update.  I hard reset the phone, I reset the network settings, still no one can hear me.  If I use it through my car on bluetooth, no one can hear me. I contacted Verizon, they said ascurion needed to handle it.  Well wouldnt you know I dropped the phone (With a protective case on) in my driveway and the screen cracked.  So now ascurion wont replace the BROKEN PHONE THEY SENT ME.  It was prob just a refurbished phone.  Anyway, is there ANYTHING ELSE I can do to get my phone in working order?


Thank you

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Re: Callers can not hear me but I can hear them
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Try this.....when "in" a call, turn up the volume with the side buttons.