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I posted the following message below & your response is below that.  I count figure out how to reply to your response and neither could Verizon support after 1 hour of trying.  I updated to phone to the latest version (7.0.3) I believe it just came out today.  It didn't help.  I did a "reset all" from the settings section of my iPhone.  As far as I know there is nothing else to do other than restore to factory settings which I'd love to avoid.  Any ideas?  (I don't know how to use Twitter).

Thanks for your understanding... Bob



4S, iOS7
I like the new Flagged Mailbox feature.  I flagged 4 email  messages and while I'm on the Mailboxes page it shows 4 Flagged messages  which is great.  If I go to the Flagged mailbox itself there are 4  emails there as you would expect.  I unflaged two of them and when I go  back to the Mailboxes screen it still shows that there are 4 flagged  messages!  Going to the Flagged mailbox there are only two flagged  messages as expected but the Mailboxes screen still shows 4 flagged even  though there are only two.  I did a complete on/off & reboot of the  4S but the Mailbox page still says 4 even though there are only 2  flagged messages.  Help please.

Thanks in advance... Bob



I also have an iPhone and love this feature Agunats. I know its frustrating to have issues with feature but we will assist with getting this resolved. Do you have the latest software on your device? If you do not have the latest software, please update your phone. Here are the steps Please let me know if this helps.


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