Calls cut out

 About four months ago my iPhone 8 was cutting out - I could hear nothing but the person on the other end of the call could hear me. I thought perhaps I needed a new phone since mine was past the two-year mark. I ordered a new phone - an iPhone 11 - and I am having the same problem. It happens when I am at home or outside in my neighborhood, not on the road. I contacted Verizon and the told me to reset the network settings. Didn’t help. Then they set up a network ticket because I really think the service in my zipcode (53221) is sub-par. They told me the network was functioning “as expected” and blamed the cutting out on the leaves on the trees or my using it at peak times. They also said I could buy a booster from them. I am  Still having issues. I have 4 lines on this account and pay over $200 a month. Is it time to switch providers? I am less than impressed with their customer service.

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