Calls dropping

This is literally a 2020 model iPhone. I was with metro PCS for 6 years, and never had these issues on their cheapy phones even though they are a a budget carrier. Switched to Verizon 4 months ago and I have to constantly be on WiFi or my phone barely works. I pay just under $200 a month for 2 phone lines and data on an iPad and I can’t even use the phone service. VERIZON YOU ARE FACTUALLY THE MOST EXPENSIVE, HOW DO I HAVE NO SERVICE. Plus I live in San Diego. SAN DIEGO. Which is literally listed as the United States 4th biggest major city. So what the heck is going on. Not to mention every month they tell me next month I’ll start getting an autopay discount yet it never goes through. I used the chat to talk to multiple people and they gave the same response with different names meaning I’m getting copy and pasted answers from people who don’t even know what they are doing. 

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Customer Service Rep

We always want you to have the ability to use your services, no matter where you are. In addition, discounts are important, so I would like to review the details and check on your Autopay. We would need to gain access to your account to check on the Autopay in the account, too. Here's a link with all those details:

So we can continue, I will also be sending a Private Note, thanks very much.