Calls going to voicemail - iphone 11
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I've had an ongoing problem with all my calls going to voicemail.  Trying this board because I've been waiting for 1 hour 40 minutes on hold with Verizon customer service and for 20 minutes waiting for someone on chat.  So apparently, us customers are on our own hear.

Most or all of my call started going to voice mail.  Sometimes I would get one ring, but most straight to voicemail.  Do not disturb is not on.  My phone is not silenced.  Call forwarding is not on.

The problem started about 3 weeks ago.  Eventually, I reset the network settings and it went away for about a week.  Came back and had to reset network settings again, this time, it did not work until I reset network settings for a third time.  Then it went away for about a week, but came back today. 

Any clues on how to permanantly fix it.  Right now, the best option seems to be switching to ATT or Sprint.


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