Calls straight to VM

My wife's phone on incoming calls goes straight to VM. I have spent over 10 hours with verizon tech support with no luck. We have tried the following: Confirmed focus was off, confirmed silence unknown callers was off, no number by mistake was in the call blocking log, reset network settings, reset phone (several times), replaced phone, replaced sim, re-connected her number to the network. None of this has solved the issued. At times, one of the above would get it to work for a bit but then it would go back to going straight to VM. We are on week 4 of this issue and all verizon has offered is a $25 credit. Seriously. I have 9 lines and strongly debating jumping ship over this.

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Re: Calls straight to VM
Customer Service Rep

Coxdm, we would be sad to see you leave the Verizon Wireless family. I am sorry to learn that your wife's phone calls are all going straight to her voicemail. That would be a bit concerning. We want to find a solution for this once and for all. Is she able to make phone calls without any issues? Is she having trouble with sending and receiving text messages from people? Please keep us posted.