Can i exchange my iPhone 13 pro max color?
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Hi so i've been having quite a issue with verizon. I first ordered a IPhone 13 Pro Max (graphite) and more than a week later it was never shipped. So I contacted customer service and apparently the computer doesn't recognize my order so I was given the advice to cancel, so I did. Before I receive my refund she went ahead and ordered me another iphone 13 pro max. I was asked if it was same as my previous order (graphite). I said Yes. Well upon paying for another IPhone 13 Pro Max I got my receipt and she had picked the GREEN COLOR! Which I don't want. And to cancel another phone seemed ridiculous. My question is,, when it gets delivered can i go to a verizon store and exchange it for graphite?

Re: Can i exchange my iPhone 13 pro max color?
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Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us on Social Media! I regret knowing you've been having quite the time getting this correct device to you. To answer your question we would need to do an exchange on it. Unfortunately the store won't exchange the device there, but they can definitely order the correct device for you. The one that's the wrong color will need to be sent back to us. Hope this information helps!