Can not receive or send SMS or MMS messages

I have an iPhone 14 Pro and it has worked flawlessly for half a year. I recently upgraded my daughter on to 5G with a iPhone 13. We have 4 people on our family plan and unlimited calls and data. After upgrading her phone I began noticing that I was not receiving confirmation codes via text message to enter my bank account, Verizon account, etc. Recently I realized I had not heard from a few friends who have Android phone and when I tried to text them I realized that I could not text them either.  My last successful text message with all of them was the week prior to upgrading my daughter's phone! I have done everything on the troubleshooting list from checking my settings, deleting my messages,  all the way to resetting my network. Absolutely nothing has worked. I can place a phone call to the friends who are on Android but that doesn't help me much when it comes to needing security codes to enter personal accounts and I do NOT want to rely on FB messenger or IG to message people while still paying for my iPhone 14 pro! 

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