Can receive messages from android but can't reply or send
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I recently transferred from AT&T and have been 4 days now with nothing but problems!  One day everything worked now it doesn’t.  iI am able to receive messages from both android and IOS but I cannot reply nor sent to Android.   It worked for a lot 2 days and now all of a sudden doesn’t.  My daughters phone is the same.   No error message, looks to have been sent on my end but person I’m other end not getting them.  Yes, I’ve reset the network, no change.  I’ve been told to “wait” on “full” porting of number which again it’s now been 4 days.  It worked fine 2nd day after the switch.  Advice? Suggestions? 

Re: I am able to receive SMS Text messages from Android users but not send to them.
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I would suggest reaching out to our Port Center. It should have processed, as it's been a few days. I'll provide their number, below.