Can’t cancel an unused data account while billing continues to mount.

I’ve been going round and round on the phone, being shuffled from one department to the next then right back to the department I originally started in,  each with a 10 to 20 minute wait on hold time.  I’m only trying to cancel a data line I haven’t used since I thought it was closed in September of 2020 with the rest of my account when I switched service providers.   I have not received an eBill or notification of any sort indicating that my iPad data line was still being billed even though I no longer physically posses either the iPad or the SIM card they’re billing me for.  Customer service is absolutely nonexistent with Verizon.  They offer to let you speak with a real person for a fee of $7 but as it turns out the paid reps are just as clueless and incapable as the free ones and you just foolishly agreed to throw $7 more dollars down the Verizon “rip off” toilet.   I got so frustrated I decided to drive the 30 miles to visit the nearest Verizon store.   After waiting my turn I was told my issue could only be handled at the corporate store on the other side of town, 10 more miles away.   When I got there they told me it could only be done by phone.  why?  I only want to close an inactive account and close out the bills I thought I was done with.  From what I’ve read about others having this same experience I’m thinking a class action lawsuit may be our only way to deal with this rip off scam Verizon is running.   A “cancel account” button is not that hard to add to the Verizon Website.  I can’t take another day off work to deal with issue.  I will not pay the outstanding bill for a line that I don’t even use if Verizon can’t or won’t provide a way to close it.

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