Can't get SIM card

Here is what I’ve dealt with so far:


I got a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro which I activated on the 29th. My phone came with a SIM card that was too large and didn’t fit. I already activated my new phone, so my old iphone no longer makes calls or receives texts. I tried transferring the old SIM card to the new phone, but it still won’t connect to the network. 


On the 30th I went to the Lodi, CA Verizon store (a 40 min drive from my house) and was told that I would need to call or chat to get a new SIM card, that I wouldn’t be able to do anything in person. So I called and was told a new SIM card would be sent out and I would receive it in 24-48 hours. 


I still hadn’t received it as of today, so I chatted Verizon earlier and was told that it would take 3-5 business days (!!!!?) to get the new SIM card by mail. But I could go into a company store (I thought I had with the Lodi store, that is NOT clearly marked on the website) and get one for free. The closest company store was in Stockton, CA (again over 40 min drive from where I live). Verizon’s website said that it was open until 7 so off I went. I got there at 6:30 only to be turned away by a security guard who said they closed at 6 and wouldn’t have any more appointments until Monday.


 I already lost two days of work on Wednesday and Thursday due to the loss of my phone, I CANNOT miss work again Monday. Why was I not told about the in-person option when I went to the Lodi store?! Why was I not told about it again when I called tech support?!!! Why was I not told I would need an appointment to get into the Stockton store when I chatted earlier?!! I’ve done everything possible as a consumer to fix VERIZON'S mistake.


I need my phone to get into work, I’m a single mother who lives paycheck to paycheck, I can’t afford to miss any more work because Verizon included the wrong SIM card with my phone. I need someone who can actually help me and get me a SIM card. If that is not possible, I need to know how to get my old iPhone up and running again. 

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Re: Can't get SIM card

Is your previous phone an android or other non-iPhone type device. If it is the problem is your service is provisioned for that type of device not an iPhone. If you change the type of device by calling Verizon and letting them know you are now needing your account in line to be re-provisioned your Sim card may work just fine.   It’s not normal to require a new nano sim when switching device types.

If there was something wrong with your old Sim card and it needs to be replaced, you can go outside of Verizon to get one mailed to you.  Should be aware there is a Sim card shortage because they are normally shipped from China, and the US isn’t getting anything from China in a timely manner.

Go to Amazon or eBay, order a nano Sim card from either that is for Verizon postpaid service. You’ll probably pay anywhere between three dollars and eight dollars to have one sent to you. Once you get it call Verizon and say you have a brand new blank Sim card and you need to activate the Sim card on your existing phone and plan and number.

In addition to verifying your account and pin code you will need to know the IMEI of the new phone, the ICC ID number which is on the SIM card.   

as an alternate you could activate the eSIM on the phone.  Follow directions for Iphone carefully.