Can't pair Smart Family App to Companion App
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Hello. I have a Samsung Note 10+ and my son has an iPhone 11 on a Just Kids plan. I can't pair my Smart Family App with his Companion App. In order to pair, a text message is sent to my son's phone. However, my son gets the message, "You were unable to receive a text message due to a device restriction." He can receive other text messages. So how can I pair the app if my son can't receive the text message? Thanks.

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Re: Can't pair Smart Family App to Companion App

I have the same issue. I have all messaging and social media unblocked, but it's blocking the text from the family app to the child phone. What is the deal here? I've been at it all night trying to get it to work~! What setting am I missing?


S10 is the parent phone, A10e is the child phone, but seems to be hardware agnostic.