Can't send or receive picture, video, or group messages using MMS on my iPhone
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I travelled out of the country two years ago.. and while there, used a local carrier's SIM card.

At that time I had an iPhone 12 Pro Max

Upon returning home, I reinstalled my Verizon SIM card.. but  could no longer send MMS images to anyone using Android phones, or be a part of group messages if there was an Android user in the group. It would separate all the texts, and I would receive all texts from that groups individually.

I went to a Verizon stores, they could not help.. and said it was an issue with Apple "not wanting to play nice with Android phones".

Believing this, I bought a new phone (Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max).. but the same problem transferred to my new phone.

This makes me think it's not an Apple problem, but a Verizon problem.

I went back to a different Verizon store about a year ago, they told me "oh yes, it's a problem that we know about, but there isn't a solution yet, they're working on it".

I've read through numerous threads on this website.. but none of the solutions have worked for me yet. Does anyone have any new tricks? 

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We are sorry to read about the issue with messages and we'd like to take a look. We've sent  you a private note.~Peter