Can’t send texts to one specific number

Can't send texts to my Girlfriend, she can't send texts to me. 

earlier we couldn't call each other either but we both reset our phones and deleted and made new contacts for each other.

I have sms and mms enabled and also tried contacting other people who have androids (works perfectly fine via text and call.) 

We didn't accidentally block each other either. I've tried everything I've found on the internet (disabling iMessage) I'm at a loss here

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Re: Can’t send texts to one specific number
Customer Service Rep

Being able to send and receive text messages with your girlfriend is very important and we're sorry to hear that you're both experiencing issues doing so. We'll do everything we can to get this matter resolved. We appreciate the troubleshooting steps you've already completed and we're glad to hear that you're now able to place and receive calls with each other. Let's dig deeper into this matter. We've noted your reference to using an Android device. What's the make/model for each of your devices? How long have you both been experiencing issues sending and receiving text messages with each other? What messaging app are both of you using? (e.g. Verizon Messages +, messaging app included with your devices, etc.) - RobertC_VZW