Can't turn the phone off, it will keep restarting

My phone is less than a year old, and it just started to draining battery. Then I noticed that I can't turn off my phone any more. When I turn if off, press down the top button, slide the bar on the screen, and watch the wheel, and black screen then within few seconds, I see the apple icon and it will just restart itself. I also noticed that I can turn if off, if it's plugged in but as soon as I unplug it, it will power on itself.

Looks like this is a common problem with 4S. Should I take it to Apple store or Verizon store at this point?

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Re: Can't turn the phone off, it will keep restarting
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You should be under warranty, I'd say just call Customer Service and eventually get transferred to tech and have them send you out another one pronto. If you have insurance they even overnight it for free Smiley Happy