Cannot get a refund for a new iPhone I never received - terrible customer service


I've spent over10 hours on various phone calls with various reps trying to get them to refund a charge for a new iPhone that I never authorized and never received. I've spoken with numerous customer service agents who have apologized and promised to fix the situation. This charge is from Oct 18 it is now Nov 1.
They still have $1000 of mine charged to my credit card AND I looked at my upcoming bill where they are also planning on charging me monthly for a new iPhone - that I never received. The rep today said he was going to "wipe my bill out for this month because of all my troubles"
SPOILER ALERT: Still have a balance on my bill and no refund for the phone I don't have.
 Can anyone direct me to a person at Verizon who is able to fix this for me???
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