Cannot use Apple upgrade program with new Verizon account

Curious if any real upper support from Verizon here. Ported a number and brought the pro max iphone, which can be upgraded to the new 14 model. But when entering the info with Apple and get to the carrier info, it won't take the number as Verizon. States the number cannot be authorized to activate. Which apparently has been somewhat of an issue with Verizon after searching. Quite a lot on Reddit over the last few years and nobody stated how to fix it. Worked fine with T-mobile as it should with any of the big 4 postpaid. 

Nothing works, think I tried it all. Calling support was useless. Whatever country that was really never understood what the issue was and refused to offer higher level support. They claimed they unlocked something because its a new account, but I think they thought I meant the phone was locked. But of course it didn't change anything. Chat as everyone states is beyond useless. 

One comment here on this board 2-3 years ago claims Verizon won't let that happen for 60 days but I never read that anywhere else. Makes no sense either for Verizon to do that. 

Regardless, before I port back out where I came from really soon, if someone has a actual answer let me know.