Cant connect to 5G iPhone 12 Pro
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I’ll just start by saying I switched to Verizon from T-Mobile with T-Mobile I had one bar literally all the time but my data worked and I could connect to 5g. I switched over and received my sims yesterday and got them both activated no problems but I can’t connect to 5G my phone stays on lte all the time and the data is only getting 1.5 download speeds on lte. I’ve reset the phone , removed and reinstalled the sim, made sure my phone was updated and still nothing. I even checked to make sure 5G was enabled in my cellular settings and nothing is working, please help. 

Re: Cant connect to 5G iPhone 12 Pro
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Good day, LuckyHustla. I'm sorry that you are experiencing some difficulties accessing our 5G network. Our only goal is to improve your wireless service experience, and the first thing we need to check the type of coverage available in your specific location. What is the ZIP code, and the nearest street intersection to the trouble location?