Cant receive Apple-based text messages on my IPhone
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 I spent 4 hours today between online chat and phone agents.  I was conveniently disconnected 6 times.  I have the messages on my phone to show that they texted me and apologized for the "dropped connection".  I have read numerous online articles about how many Verizon iPhone users can send a text but cannot receive it.  They eventually made it to a tech support person at Verizon who reset something and magically they could receive texts again.  I can receive SMS messages but not from Apple devices.  Every agent I spoke to conveniently tried to push this off on Apple but after reading about this issue many times and having Verizon resolve it, my money is on Verizon.

Thankfully in 3 days our 2 year contract is completed.  This has been one of the worst customer service experiences in my life. 

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