Carrier Billing Issues - UNSOLVED

So I had an issue using carrier billing for the past 3 months. I have never been able to use it. I contacted Financial Services and talked to 2 supervisors to no answers with about 18 different representatives.

I tried using carrier billing for League of Legends and I just can't get it to work.

First agent said well you have to order Riot Points on my phone but that's not how League of Legends works yet they have the game primarily listed in the Carrier Billing FAQ

Second agent recommended I turn it off and on (carrier billing) and didn't warn me it would be unavailable for 14 days until after it had been done. Sneaky but whatever. I did it.

14 days later, still not working.

I talked to a supervisor yesterday and they said, "I am sorry and disappointed that you feel the way you feel because we can't get this to work." and then ghosted me. Completely left me bewildered and didn't offer any more solutions.

Total Time wasted on this issue: Over 70 Days

This has to be the worst customer service ever. I was given the notion that I had nothing holding me back from doing this and if League of Legends isn't supported, dont put it on carrier billing. If your agents dont even know what league of legends is, do not put it on the FAQ because that implies most agents are aware of how to use it and how to solve issues on how to use it. Not one agent even knew what League of Legends was and I had to link their own FAQ for them to be aware of the game.
EDIT: What makes this horrible is my bill to account ability is available for buying Verizons merchandise on Verizons store but it doesn't work for games. Seems sneaky.

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Re: Carrier Billing Issues - UNSOLVED
Customer Service Rep

Being able to use the carrier billing can certainly come in handy, UnknownUsernamed. I will be sending you a Private Note to best assist.