Cell Reception Issues
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I moved to zip code 08033 in the fall of 2019.

On our street (inside the house and outside the house) Verizon cell service is very minimal.  I typically get 1-2 bars, and calls almost always drop when not using WiFi calling.  We noticed this from day 1 of living here, and our neighbors who are either current or former Verizon customers experience the same issues.  It's very odd, because service is great outside of about a 300 yard radius from our home.  According to Verizon support, there is adequate coverage in the area.

The reason for the post now is that it's finally become a very big issue while I have been working from home during the pandemic.  I have been a Verizon customer for years and I'm a big fan of the service; unfortunately, if there is no way to correct the poor service in the area, I'll be forced to change carriers.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Cell Reception Issues
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aff1, it's important to us that our network is working as it should be. We do show coverage in that zip code to be good. Since you've indicated that service is great only 300 yards away, the issue wouldn't be network related since that would usually indicate an issue that spans for a half a mile or more. There's likely something within the area that simply causes the signal not to permeate properly; an obstruction of sorts. Those type of obstructions aren't normally something we're able to control. Signal obstructions can be a result of heavy foliage surrounding an area (not just one home but can be a grouping if the tower is located on the other side of that foliage), certain building materials, bodies or water, hilly terrain or the use of equipment that may use a similar radio frequency signal as our network and therefore causes interference from attenuation. 


When obstructions exist, signal indoors will be compromised the most. It can definitely be more evident now with more people working from home and utilizing the shared network spectrum even more than before. Therefore, it's certainly not uncommon for the signal to be even more impacted as towers do become more bogged down the more traffic it takes on. That is specifically why phones have Wi-Fi calling as a backup option to utilize. Are you experiencing an issue when using your Wi-Fi Calling?