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I live in North Conway, NH zip code 03860 and lately my phone which is a iPhone X will show 4 bars full service, but will not download anything at all, and also does this in close by surrounding areas like Center Conway, NH zip code 03813. I know in the past this has not been the case, however for the past year or so, it seems to get worst and worst, and personally when Verizon is the most expensive carrier to carry a plan with and I have multiple lines, as well as been a customer for 15 years, it’s pretty frustrating. Now there are carriers offering plans for literally HALF of what I pay each month, and I know they work well because I’m around these people on a daily basis. I only hope these problems get some attention. Thank you, Joshua.

Re: Cell service
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for letting us know about your service/signal experience. Please tell me, are there any updates needed on your device? Is teh Roaming toggled on?