Cellular Data Connectivity Issue

I have the iPhone 12 just got it on Friday the 23rd. Since the port finished porting over our phone numbers I have had all these problems with keeping Cellular Data on and active on my phone. It would drop in random places, get it back then drop again. All the troubleshooting steps that online tech coach has offered hasn't worked and IF it did it wouldn't work for long. Now, the last resort was to see if the SIM card was jacked, so they had me go to the store and do a SIM swap, well that worked for maybe an hour and a half then stopped working INDEFINITELY until we got to the store, mind you my boyfriend has the same phone and guess what HIS WORKS! But mine will drop cellular data. So after that Tech Coach told me to go swap the device. Which I did and again it worked for maybe 2 hours this time and again stopped. COULD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP A GIRL OUT?!?

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Re: Cellular Data Connectivity Issue
Customer Service Rep

Kayla_Ashley, this is certainly not the experience we want you to have with a new phone. Currently, this isn't a known issue; however, we can work with our moderators with Apple to review things further. What steps were completed with the Tech Coach representative?