Cellular data signal dropped (no longer accessible) from my home

I have multiple iPhones in my household on an unlimited data plan.  I live in an area where cellular data is my only internet option.  We have used Verizon for many years with excellent service (4 bars 4G LTE).  One week ago, our signal dropped to 1 bar, and data access is practically not accessible.  I actually purchased an additional Jetpack two weeks ago and now it is useless.

The phones work great in other locations, and other Verizon users who come to my house also can't access.  Nothing has change at my home; the signal is also week just outside my house.

I've placed numerous support calls, and tickets have been opened to no real resolution.

Why has the service changed?  What options do I have to get this issue fixed?

I'm having to work from home these days and not having internet access is directly impacting my work.

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Re: Cellular data signal dropped (no longer accessible) from my home
Customer Service Rep

There are always changes that impact our Network, some are controllable and others may not be. This can include cell site changes, foliage, construction, population changes, and interference. That being said, you mentioned tickets had been filed on your behalf. Did you receive and email/ text message the resolution of the ticket?  TaylorH_VZW