Charged for Fraud International Calls
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I am a new cell phone customer to Verizon and in my first two bills have received charges for calls made to El Salvador I didn't make.   Significant charges - $171 and $276.   I spent the majority of yesterday on the phone with customer service, the fraud department and technical service.   All told me the calls came from my device and I would have to pay these charges.

They tried to claim I accidentally made these calls but when reviewing the month it is the same pattern of numbers 503-2415XXXX (last four digits change).  

I'm an 88 year old women who knows no one in El Salvador and lives on a fixed income.  I cannot afford to be charged for calls I didn't make.   It is shameful that Verizon would treat an elderly person with such little respect.   

When I look at this community page it is clear there have been many other customers complaining about the exact same problem and being treated as if they are lying.  

My only hope is that someone will review this message and help me get credit for these charges.  Otherwise I will need to move to AT&T as this is not a situation I can continue. 

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