Charged for returned phone from December

Is anyone dealing with this? I was charged for a phone I returned in DECEMBER. It is almost APRIL. Have tracking that it was received at the warehouse. Talked to representatives and "leadership" multiple times a month, and it is still on my account.  I'm so over it. I'm considering canceling my service overall. I've had Verizon for over 10 years and this is ridiculous. It messes up my bill. The customer service and leadership (hi, Fred) have been nothing but rude and hard to work with for something that is not my fault.  This shouldn't even still be an issue.  Beyond frustrated.

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Hi Lindsey, I want to first apologize that you have not had the best experience that you deserve. This is not the way that we as a company like to conduct business. We truly appreciate your loyalty for over 10 years and it would truly break my heart to see you leave us. I would like to get this turned around for you and see what we can do to get this resolved.


I’ve sent you a private message here in the forum. Please check your inbox at to discuss further details about your concern.


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I Am absolutely LIVID. We have been a verizon customer for several years. My son's iphone was part of an Apple Recall. We went through a couple of phones because they would only work with wifi.

The last phone we returned ended up on our bill saying it was damaged.

ABSOLUTELY NO WAY was it damaged when I packed it.

There were no pictures, nothing.

I called and was told it would be taken off.

The next month, it's still on there.

I called, and they said it would be taken off.

This month, it's still on there.

I called.....

NOW.. after 3 months I am being told it was cracked and they now have pictures they didn't have 3 months ago.

I packed this phone myself.

I cannot tell you how upset it makes me to have been a verizon customer for this long and to basically be told "oh well"