Charged for returned phone
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I’m being charged a Verizon payment plan monthly for a phone I purchased OUTRIGHT and paid full price for at Apple.

I have the receipt from apple showing I paid full price. I’ve gone in to a Verizon store and showed them and called once a week for the last TWO MONTHS. I have even multiple times called customer service with Apple on the line and Apple has confirmed I paid the full value of the phone.

Each week I am assured the issue is resolved and it still isn’t.

Most recently I was told there is nothing they can do. Now on my next bill there is a charge for $713 - the remaining value of the phone after two months of payments.

Verizon is COMPLETE FRAUD and is charging me for a phone I have already paid FULL RETAIL VALUE for. 

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Re: Charged for returned phone
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They do the same thing with "free" phones. Honestly the best thing to do is eat the device charge, and move to another carrier.