Charges on my Purchase

Charges on my iPhone 

I am totally disappointed with your Authorize Service Center, Russell cellular. And it’s going to start right at the top where they lied to us me and a Local business owner who  got a phones at the same time, that’s your service center for Verizon in Cadillac was closed and no longer there.  I’m gonna look at my bill and tell you item number one overcharged for the same phone that you guys have posted a price. To never told me I was getting a refresh phone sounds a lot like refurbished but refresh means that it got returned by another customer within 30 days.  Then I got a $25 set up for success? If this is for them to upgrade my phone and set it up and take care of it why did I have to come home and finish. Three I’m going to give you a free OtterBox, wasn’t free. Not only was it not free it’s the same box phone case that I had on my phone that they took in as a trade-in and gave me $22.50.Then they sold the business owner who Ask for something simple a Samsung galaxy 71A 5G UW. which we don’t have 5G service and UW which we will never have that service in our area.   If this is Russell cellulars core values as they put in their website, these girls can go work at any used car lot any day of the week.   How long have I been a Verizon wireless customer 17 years and two months. I will bet if I walked in there tomorrow morning and I asked them tell me the truth is there a Verizon authorize center in Cadillac they wouldn’t lie to me because I turn around and blatantly have to ask them. And yes I’m very upset and yes I would like to picket their store.  

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