Chat Agent Lied To Me About Cancelled Order
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Pre-Ordered Iphone 13 this morning.

Afterwards, I realized that I ordered 13 Pro when I really wanted the Pro Max.

Decided I would be okay with the 13 Pro, but noticed that my account was saying that I needed to verify some information. Also noticed that shipping address looked funky.

Contacted Verizon chat agent #1.

Let her know that my account was asking me to verify some information & that my address didn't look correct on the order.

Agent #1 looks up my order and says everything looks fine & that nothing needs verification. That my order will ship out next week as expected.

I mention that I really meant to order the 13 Pro Max, but made a mistake & ordered the regular pro.

I asked if it was too late to cancel the order so that I could reorder the correct model.

She says, no problem. She can do it right now.

I ask, "So I'll be able to go back in today, and order the phone I actually wanted."

She says YES. Give it 5-10 minutes for the cancelled order to clear, and you'll be able to go back in today and pre-order the Pro Max.

Order cancelled, I wait a good 30 minutes before attempting to order the Pro Max.

I get to the step where is asks which phone on my account I want to trade in, but my line is greyed so that I cant click on it.

I contact customer agent #2.

I explain the situation.

Customer agent #2 informs me that is will take 3-5 days until the order is cleared & I will have to wait until that time before I can place a new order.

I let her know that agent #1 told me differently.

Agent #2 tells me that's not true. It will take 3-5 days and asks if she can help me with anything else.

I tell her no, it's apparent no one can assist me.

Also received a fraud alert via email regarding my Verizon account this afternoon. Called the number provided, & seems nothing is wrong with my account.

Ugh.... ready to move all 5 of my Verizon lines to a different carrier after this debacle.

I just wanted to upgrade my line & trade my current phone in for the new iPhone. Apparently, Verizon is not interested in helping me.

Re: Chat Agent Lied To Me About Cancelled Order
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I recently did a preorder.  I ordered 2 pros on one order and a 13 on another.  The 13 regular got shipped and delivered.  the order made with the pros got canceled by Verizon.  I have been told 5 different things.  The problem here is the trade in promotion.  Which is the only reason we did this upgrade at this time.  We would get 800 for our trade ins vs. 440.  Which is a big price in the bigger picture.  My bill was only going to increase by $20 now if I don't get this fixed it will go up by 40.  I will no proceed by accepting a mistake on Verizon's end, which they are unwilling to remediate.  I will certainly move to another carrier. 

1. One of my lines called in and canceled with the account pin.

2. Fraud department attempted to call and no one answered.

3. There was a payment processing error

4. I was told my 1 rep that a previous rep had cancelled the order.

5. I didn't meet the trade in eligibility criteria.


I think Verizon is doing this because there was an issue on their end and they do not want to come out to the public with these mistakes.  Or the Fraud Department is making a profit by this action.  I used to think that no one could come close to Verizon's customer service.  I couldn't be any more wrong. I only have like 5 lines so they won't feel the hit.  The company I work for, I manage several hundred lines.  If this is the type of customer service received, I am going to seriously look at other carriers.  No one should have to go through this.