Chat Support Issues
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Over the past 2 weeks I spent lots of time on about 11 chat sessions. My daughter's iPhone died after she's had it only one and a half years so I needed to get her a replacement (and let me say right now that it's a sin for a device that expensive to just die. And Apple shrugs their shoulders and tells you "just get a new one")

Anyway, I got different info in each chat session. I had intended to get my husband an iPhone 11 pro at the same time. It said the price per month would be $27.99 on sale from $44. No one could figure out why that price couldn't go through until someone finally guessed that was the price with a turned in device. So obscure even customer service doesn't understand it.

So by the 10th chat session, I just decided to buy an iPhone 11 to replace my daughter's phone. Everything went fairly smoothly although it took ages. By Tuesday I was looking for the phone because it was supposed to be 2 day shipping. Meanwhile the phone order is "pending" but money left my credit card. 

I texted again to find out what was going on. The answer was that my order was stuck in pending. No one knows why and no one can do anything about it. After an hour long call I was told that I needed to place a 2nd order. So my credit card was charged again. This 2nd order appears to be on its way but it's predicted to arrive in 3 or 4 days, not 2. 

What has happened to Verizon customer service?! I've been a customer since before cell phones existed and Verizon had a different name. They used to be great and I convinced my husband to switch from ATT.  The slightest issue is now a weeks long ordeal to go through. I hope it's just COVID-19 related and not the way the future is headed. I want to tell a manager all about this but have no idea how to reach one. Hopefully someone in some kind of power will actually read this.


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Re: Chat Support Issues
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Some people are still using an iPhone 6. Sometimes a device fails early, it happens.

Details for promo pricing isn't hidden below several layers of encryption. It's on a product page in blue text that stands out. Very first promo on the 11 pro page says save $350 with a new line, online only and with a premium unlimited plan. Retail is $999.99, $350 of that makes it roughly a $650 phone. Divide that by 24 months and you get $27 and change. That info is super accessible and easy to figure out with basic math.

Orders typically pend if terms and conditions aren't accepted or there is a delay such as a Holiday or the weekend.

Honestly, now is bad time to consider an 11 with the 12 coming soon. If it isn't too late, I'd cancel the 11 order and just pick up a cheap iPhone SE for the time being.