Clock randomly moves back 1 hour

We have 5 iPhones on our account and they all periodically move back an hour. When we turn them off and wait a few minutes, the time is correct when we turn them back on . We don’t live near a border that’s in a different time zone. It’s not daylight savings time. Our phones are set to ‘set automatically’ in the Date & Time settings. We live in a very rural area and I’m thinking the ONLY logical explanation it could be is that it has something to do with the cell towers. Please help.

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Re: Clock randomly moves back 1 hour
Customer Service Rep

GTJUICE, we understand the importance of making sure your devices are showing the correct time. Allow us the opportunity to further review the details. When did this start? Can you please confirm that your device has the latest Software Update (Settings>General> Software Update)? Also, are you experiencing the same concern if you manually set the time on your device?