I have been a customer with Verizon for about maybe 8 months now an every month it is extremely difficult to understand why I stay with this company. Ever since I decided to switch it’s been nothing but problems. First of all I don’t know if it’s the app on my phone something wrong with your online website or what but I am never allowed to view my Bill, when I am receiving my bill or the total of my bill for ether Verizon wireless or Verizon Fios. It just appears whenever, I had one incident when i finally got a notification that my bill was ready 14 days apparently after it was past due! An I was told there was nothing I can due an I was force to pay late fees an activation charges! For example this month I received a text message on 12/7 that my bill for December was now available an due on 12/4 an that it was now overdue. When before 12/7 if I tried to view my bill or pay it early I am unable to see it. Now I am being charged with January’s bill on top of December’s or forced a shut off. I have talked to numerous representatives about this where they have just told me “it just comes out whenever our billing cycle occurs it’s automated and there’s nothing we can do you just need to pay your bill on time from now on” that’s for Verizon Fios. For Verizon Wireless it’s a whole other story, on top of the same billing issue I was assured by the representative who was apparently the store manager at another store an 2 other representatives when I went back that when I signed up if I turned in my iPhone I would get a 400 dollar credit towards ether my phone or my mothers phone my phone came out to 699 after some different credits an my moms phone to 399. I was told by them that my moms phone would basically be free an that it would show up on my bill after a few months with an that the money if any taken would be returned an if not call customer support. Well I went back twice for them to not help me an charge me for 2 Wireless chargers that I did not purchase an then when I went back they only refunded me 1 of the wireless chargers an not the second. Then I called your customer support just for them to tell me that promotion no longer applies that’s why I do not qualify, even though I persisted that I joined before the promotion ended an i even turned in my old phone to the wireless store for the credit an everything but the continue to tell me there’s nothing they can do. So on top of giving away my phone for no reason I was told after everything I would be paying 150-179 dollars a month an being told after taxes I would only be paying 250 dollars in store my first day signing up I ended up paying north of 400 dollars to sign up an now am paying 80 dollars more a month than I was promised an signed for or Atleast I was told I signed for while I am still paying for both phones when my moms was supposed to be paid off by the promotions an get charged late fees an activation fees for no reason because I never am able to know when my bill is coming or how much it will be because I always receive it days or weeks after it’s already due. I am beyond furious an if it wasn’t for me having my now 2 year old daughters photos on here from all the way back when she was 3 months old I would of thrown the phones back in the mans face who bamboozled me into this mess am gone somewhere else. I don’t even know if saying anything on here will even do anything because any other time I’ve tried to talk to someone from Verizon I’ve gotten nothing. I don’t know if it’s just my mobile apps malfunctioning that causes this problem ( I’ve deleted them an all that multiple times now ) or if it’s my account an I’m growing more an more frustrated as the months pass by 

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